Mother tongue

What does it meeean? … is one of those sentences I’ve learnt in many languages. Hi, How are you? Thank you, Goodnight, how much is it? WHat does nhbdvffmni mean…? What does “it” meeeean???
We need to find the connection in our brains right?
“I need you to explain me, with other words, body language or in other ways the term you are using for a thing that I know I must know in my own language” … or… what is the thing you just said? it sounded funny… what does it meeean???
It is not enough to enjoy an event but we need to know what it means… What is the intention? How does it connect with my past? with my story? with my experiences? because that is the only way I will make sense of it and I will have a full picture. or will I…?


The complexity and strength of our cultural identities is clear (Or very blurry depending on the lens with which you look at it of course) Our languages are tools we created to explain the meaning we give to things. With my english I can explain you what this post mean, but the english is just a tool. What is important is what I mean right?
Our cultures overflow with colorful details and rich stories, legends, expressions, behaviors, routines and habits.
Every cultural group you belong to will bathe you with their ink and will make you look differentmore importantly, it will make you see differently.

Today, I am a woman, a secular jewish/evangelical christhian, chilean, artist, teacher who is interning at an israeli institute for environmental studies that right now hosts students from Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Germany, Russia and Chile (hola) to discuss and strengthen the belief that nature knows no political borders. Nature might not but we sadly do, even though we are part of nature… (more to think here..)

What am I doing here?… WHat do I have in common with anyone if none of my identities defines me strongly enough to feel that I belong to something here? WHat language can I use if I don’t even use my mother tongue as a native tongue in my daily life anymore, and my brain spits out random words in german, turkish, arab, hebrew, russich and spanish when doing small talk?…
Well… I have music. I have movement. I have art. I have science. I have…love.
These languages transcend. THey have always trascend. And it sounds so easy (and cheesy :P) to say that it is hard to believe.

Those languages are my mother tongue.

Today, in holocaust memorial day, when the morning was cut into two by an alarm that forced everyone in Israel to stand still in recognition of the crimes done against jews (and poles, slavs, homosexuals, romanians, enemies of state, dissabled people, sick people and other prisoners) …
…when my body feels so weird (as usual in these past days) my belly wants to vomit out of disgust, frustration and sadness but the knot in my through is too tight to loosen up in a right time or place.
…when my dry eyes are thirsty for finding a common humanity…

I will keep exploring in practice the dimensions of global citizenship, of peace, of love …of respect..of empathy…of responsibility…of meaning….

**question break:(does it mean the same for us all? Do we long for this values with the same awareness?… (are those bomb-sounds I hear, tanks that are still training at 2am?!)…. Could art really contribute to break down the obstacles that occlude self actualization in vulnerable populations?… )

Today I will keep valuing the fact that I am a woman, a chilean, latinamerican, jewish, christian, teacher, artist, human in different amounts at different times.
Always being aware that most of this identities have come by accident. And for the sake of all and for the sake of my story, I will make them mean something.
These are my tools.
Let’s create something.



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