Declaration of Peace

(After talking with friends, after watching the news, after reading newspapers, after crying and being nauseas I just want to say stop. Stop.
Like a mother who runs into a fight of two sons I want to say: “I don’t care who began, I want you to stop hurting each other!” (or actually, you have stronger muscles than your brother, stop making him cry) Stop. (…is there a “mother” here? … is it the UN? )
But hey, who cares about what I think, right? I am aware my thoughts and silly methaphores are completely irrelevant in this terrible situation. In this power, money, prestige driven conflict, “peace-process” and “war”.

Even so, I take this time to mourn the dead people in all sides and to make a declaration of peace on the only lands I have some control over. My mind and my body)

May Garces being the elected president of her own mind and in full use of her sovereign capabilities declares:
Peace is part of my way of action.
I have decided to live by it and I could care less if you want to hurt me, your actions or words are not going to make me deny my identity.
I respect my time too much to engage in games I don’t want to play.
Physical violence is not fun nor valid for me and even if you decide to play and injure me, abuse me, kill me or the ones I love, you have to know, you didn’t terrify me. And you will not make me hurt you.
I don’t live in fear.
I am constantly training myself in living real peace and this…all of this… this is just not my game. I play by my own rules.
I will choose not to be violent towards you. I will seek for not hurting you with my ways. I will seek to find other ways to communicate and explain my feelings and thoughts.
And yes I will try to listen to you and understand your rules because I want to be aware of what exactly I don’t want to obey.
And I will love you because I want to love. I will respect you because I want to respect and be kind to you.
Because I know that the two hands you are using for shooting guns, the voice you are using for insulting others are very very similar to my hands and my voice. So I will look for that. For the similarities.
For that peace you also seek at night, that humanity that lets you judge that there are things that are better than others and also secretly informs you that we are not that different. Our labels are different but labels can be removed.
So remove them and see what you find.
There, when you are completely naked, is where you will understand how serious I am in having peace as part of my identity.

Peace was played when we first met, peace was played with our interacting voices, with the attention I placed in what I was hearing from you, in the words I used to respond, with the effort I putted into explaining myself better, with the recognition of the fact that I didn’t understand you well, in the courage I had when I said I am sorry, in the tone of my voice when I asked: “so, you feel good?”, in the ease of the smile that we shared, in the diligence of fulfilling my word, in my commitment to respecting your time.

I will play peace. I will seek to make peace flourish in all the extension of my territories.
Because I have chosen it as part of my personal culture, identity and way of action.
I really pray I can keep it.

May Garces