About high-standards and the meaning of “to try” for a girl

“It’s truly amazing that someone as captivating as you has only been in one relationship”- He said- “I can see that you must have high standards, because I’m sure there has been at least several men who have “tried” in recent years”.
…She chose not to give her comments on the matter-“This has been said before” she thought. She usually thinks of how to reply but today she sat down and took the time to elegantly elaborate a letter in a piece of tissue paper.

“About the number of men trying to have a relationship with a girl”.-she wrote this in third person so she wouldn’t sound too self centered.

If trying is commenting on the way she looks, like if they would describe an object they want to use while she walks down the street or whisper onomatopoeias representing sexual noises in her ear in public situations, yes men often try.

If trying is grabbing parts of her body while she walks in “safe” parts of cities or during her stay in hospitals, a commute in public transportation or houses of family relatives, sure men have tried.

If trying is approaching her politely and after a small talk offer her to have sex with them, sure men have tried.

If trying is having great conversations and deep conexion and due to that, offering to go to bed with them immediately, yes men have tried.

If trying is getting to know her for a couple of days and “knowing” that she is “the one” offering marriage and such, yes men have tried.

If trying is being her friend for months, getting to know her but constantly trying to change her core characteristics and/or behaviour, sure men have tried.

Many men “have tried”…. but it’s interesting enough to note that nothing has ever resulted from those efforts. Maybe it is because she and them have different definitions of “trying”.

Let’s see…

if trying is slowly perceiving who she is and sharing  freely who he is,

if trying is analysing how his unique life and lifestyle feels and fits with hers,

if trying is seeing if he likes the way he looks under her eyes,

if trying is communicating through the most diverse mediums and in all spectrum of ways just for the fun of knowing each other,

if trying is, most importantly, to travel with her towards common dreams and living them…

Nope, not many have tried.

So probably her “high standards” are simply: time, attention, vulnerability, laughter & fire.

and only if this happens, she tends to recognize that a man is “trying” to have a relationship with her.


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