A cinderella story (from my 2013 travelogue)

Turnich Castle park, Kerpen, Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpfz-g3IQpA
So many things have happened in this Cinderella story.
Today for example I saw a young deer before sunrise (it was the most beautiful ever) from the kitchen window. What a precious thing to witness these sunrises and sunsets in the woods. It’s a privilege that hurts with delicious pain in my throught and nutritious tears in my eyes.
Yesterday I jogged in the night. What a glorious night. So clear and fresh. The moon was showing me were to place my feet, delicately, sweetly, whispering… because she wanted me to pay attention and to long for it’s light. She wanted me to be there. And I was. Fully. Being guided blindly by her kind voice through the darkness.
And today…the sun. stunning. Painting rosy glossy colors in the sky so that I can smile at the fact that I don’t see that color really…that I create that color in my head to compensate my electromagnetic disability. And I compensate it well with this fabulous color…to look what I like…when I’m too weak to see what I cannot see.
Today I worked, I cooked healthy meals for my family just as yesterday. and went to my sprachttandem walking through the castle which looked more beautiful than ever in the sun… today it wasn’t cold at all and I loved it. What a joy. I went out without a jacket.
Today they came to fix the piano so that the little one can rehearse better and the other little one keeps improving at the violin. Slowly but surely.
I went to Koln and ate too many sweets but that will be fixed later. Now I will sleep. with a smile on my face…waiting not to be scared tomorrow. Or to be brave in the face of it. Truly brave.
Let’s hope.


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