Accident on the road

A road in Palestine 5/11/2014.
(Situation: everyone in the bus on our way to Jerusalem and we star slowing down because there is a problem ahead. t turns out it was a car upside down with people inside in the middle of the highway we see everything as we approached it passing slowly on its side. One of the israelis goes outside to help people start calling ambulance)

My thoughts…

How can you help someone from the audience? What can you do?
people ask: who is a paramedic? who is a paramedic?
but it translates into… “who has the skills needed to deal with this situation properly? to change back the course of events…back to where things are suppose to be??

Everyone watches and claims reality. “THis is terrible” ” Oh my God” with surprised/concerned looks.

What else is there to do if you do not posses the required certificationto contribute to the active development of reality? certifictaion I say because we need to know the standard knowledge you have in order to let you lead the quest for restoring the future with present smart and precise actions….
I look at myself and I say… there are to many people affirming the situatiion and giving each other comfort by stating the negative nature of the event.
This time I choose to write.
But I confirm the notion that I have never liked much the role of the commentator/expectator.
I rather number 1. Live it number 2. Analize it, and way off in number 5. comment it. In that order.


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