Kisses or time?

Frankfurt airport 2013
I have a lot of german stories. Here goes a fun one.
So, This was my last day in germany. I was in the airport walking around waiting to do the check in to come back home. I saw a guy from behind the display of his coffee shop smiling at me, I did not respond. I sat on a bench in the middle of the hall and started reading my notebook, organizing my time for the flight. 20 minutes might have passed. I stand up, take the cart, start walking to explore other parts of the airport. When I am 100 mts away from the sitting place I hear someone running towards me. It was the guy that smiled at me. He asks me where I come from,when is my flight, what am I doing later.

I smile politely.

I am from Chile. He is from Albania. I had never met someone from Albania. I keep smiling. I told him I’m just walking. He invites me to go for a coffee and after finding out I have to wait about 3 hours more he wants me to go with him to know the city. I smile very big and say “Thank you! but no thank you, I rather stay in the airport because I can’t risk missing my flight”. Smile.

He insists a couple of times I am really thankful for his attention but decided. Smile. I feel really happy that someone goes out of his daily routine just to talk to me. That is nice. He asks me to wait for him for 15 minutes until he gets off of work. I evaluate in my head that I really have nothing else to do and I show him where I am going to be sitting while I draw people. That’s what I was what I was planning to do anyways.

20 minutes later he returns, he sits next to me (I stand) and tells me he can’t get off of work. He asks me to sit. I sit. He says “give me a kiss” I smile politely and say “aww I’m not your girl I’m sorry, I’m not going to kiss you”. Why not? -he says. “Because kisses are important for me. You should ask somebody else”. Smile. “But it is only one kiss”(he says pointing at his lips) I stand. “Because I don’t know you, because you don’t know me, why would you want to kiss me?”-I say. “Because you are nice”… “Well thank you, I think I understand that better with words that with a kiss”. I smile. “You seem nice but I am going to walk now, if you want you can join me and we can talk. That’s all I can offer you”. I say.
“Ok I understand”, he says “but let me buy you a coffee as friends, only as friends”. I said yes because I like coffee. 🙂

We go to his coffee place and he gives me a gigantic cappucino. We exchange a few words, I ask him about his country we joke and I start making him a portrait. While I do that he makes faces like insinuating to kiss me.
20 minutes pass by and I have finished the portrait. He has to take something to another place and I take that opportunity to leave the portrait with a a little note.

“Words and Time are so much precious than a kiss. Thank you!”


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